This Project was created in honor and memory of a friendly, caring and generous woman, Lucy Santos, who left us too soon, in 2005. She always took the time to help another human being in need! THERE ARE NO PAID EMPLOYEES INVOLVED IN THIS PROJECT. Working together under the guidance of Mario Santos, Lucy's husband and the Project's Director, friends and volunteers contribute their time and talents, making it possible to bring to life the Project's mission, thus continuing Lucy's legacy of helping another human being in need.

The story behind our logo

Angel Lucy Wellness Project
Celebrating a decade of community service.
Every couple has a nickname for their loved one… Maybe in your case it’s “honey”, “sweetie”, or “babe”. Whatever the actual word, it is meant to express a feeling that cannot be expressed in words, but can only be shared and lived by two people who are truly in love.

In my case, ironically, my nickname for Lucy, from the moment I met her, was “my angel”. The idea for the logo came to me on the day she passed away…I cannot think of a better image to embody our relationship and represent the Project.

The outer ring is my wedding band, the inner ring is hers. I drew a sketch of what I wanted and took it to Lucy’s favorite jewelry store to have the work done. To this day, every time he sees me around town, Victor, the owner, stills comments on the physical and symbolic beauty of this unique piece of jewelry.

If you are in love, share it, live it, cherish it…every day of your life on this Earth! If you have not found true love yet, don’t look for it, it will come to you when you least expect it. At least it did to me…

At some point, all of us will die and leave our loved ones behind. But true love never dies. All the love we make, all the love we share, we take it with us and leave it with them. And just like a wedding band, true love has no beginning and no end, it is timeless and without boundaries…

Mario Santos, Founder & Director
Angel Lucy Wellness Project
Personal message from Mario Santos...
Welcome to the official website of the Angel Lucy Wellness Project. Thank you for the visit. I hope you find the answers and the help you are looking for...
On January 11, 2002, at only 39 years of age, my wife Lucy went in for a seemingly routine surgery to remove a mass obstructing her digestive system. Receiving the news that the tumor was cancerous was one of the most difficult moments in my life.
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The Angel Lucy Wellness Project is not a charity or a 501(c)3 organization; neither is Santronics Inc. As a result, support in the form of donations, financial contributions, and/or purchase of project-related products/event tickets are not tax deductable. The Angel Lucy Wellness Project is a FREE COMMUNITY INITIATIVE supported primarily by Santronics Inc. Santronics pays for all Project-related expenses such as the cost of printing and mailing educational material and the hosting fees for this website. Santronics also organizes, promotes, and subsidizes project-related educational/inspirational events such as luncheons, seminars, and walks.