Angel Lucy Wellness Project
Celebrating a decade of community service.
The Angel Lucy Wellness Project is a free community-based initiative supported primarily by Santronics Inc. Santronics pays for all the Project-related expenses such as the cost of printing and mailing educational material. Santronics also organizes, promotes and subsidizes various Project-related educational and cancer awareness events such walks, luncheons and seminars.

SANTRONICS Inc. was founded by Mario Santos in 1996. Initially, the company focused on diagnosing, troubleshooting and repairing industrial, commercial & consumer-related electronic and electromechanical machinery.

Three decades have passed since Mario first joined the high-tech [electronics] repair sector! He maintains strong ties to the repair industry. However, due to the current economic crisis and the growing shortage of qualified technical people affecting U.S. businesses, he now also spends considerable time developing and delivering customized, hands-on, technical training programs, courses, workshops and seminars. In collaboration with colleges, community centers, and non-profit organizations, these educational events have been offered to both the general public and the business community, for over 20 years!
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