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Tree of life campaign
The goal for this campaign is simple: plant one or more trees every year, starting with towns throughout NJ, and expand to other towns in other states around the country and possibly even other countries.

The idea for this campaign first came up in 2011, when I had a tree planted in Kearny, NJ, to honor the surviving members of our cancer support group "Brave Women/Mujeres Valientes. The idea continued in a dormant state for nearly four years, until the final push to move forward with this idea came in 2015, when I decided to have another "Tree of Life" planted in Independence Park, in the Ironbound section of the City of Newark, NJ. My special thanks to Eastward Councilman Augusto Amador, for helping me make this idea a reality.

Primarily, this campaign aims to create cancer awareness, by honoring survivors and remembering departed loved ones. However, simultaneously, this is also a green initiative, since its adds trees to our public city spaces.

Dear visitor, if you, or someone you know, would like to bring this campaign to your town/city, please help me contact the proper elected city official that can help make this a reality in your town. The Angel Lucy Wellness Project will happily pay for the expenses related to this initiative including the tree, the memorial plaque and its mounting hardware.

Please contact me or have your local councilman/woman contact me to discuss this collaborative initiative. I look forward to the opportunity to bring "The Tree of Life" to your town.

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 Best wishes!

Mario Santos, Director & Founder
Angel Lucy Wellness Project