Angel Lucy Wellness Project
Celebrating a decade of community service.
“A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. He who plants kindness gathers love."
Saint Basil
Family day in farmland
My original goal when I first had the idea for this gathering was to start a new Labor-day weekend tradition with the members of our support group, family, and friends. Mission accomplished!

I am very happy that the Project’s first “family day in farmland” was a hit! EVERYONE, adults and kids alike, had a GREAT TIME relaxing, eating, dancing, playing “farm games”, taking a walk in a beautiful scenery, and so much more… THANK YOU all for coming. SPECIAL THANKS to my friends Phil and Celina, the owners of Celina’s farm, for giving us all this great gift of a wonderful day with friends and family.

See you all again next year!!!

 Mario Santos