Angel Lucy Wellness Project
Celebrating a decade of community service.
“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” Helen Keller
"Life Celebrations" Luncheon
All of us will have our day when life as we know it will be transformed and forever engraved into this everlasting monument called time! Until then, we all have our chance to CELEBRATE THIS LIFE! To create and share special moments! And to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in another person's life.

I was blessed with the opportunity of sharing my life with my late wife for 10 years. Thus, in her honor and memory, my initial idea was to hold this event for at least 10 years. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! In 2015, the 10th "Life Celebrations" Luncheon was held and marked the end of this idea and the beginning of a new phase for the Project.

Every year, I had a different theme! Naturally, the chosen theme was somehow connected to Lucy or our lives together.

MY SINCERE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who participated and shared my sad moments, my happy moments and, mainly, my mission to help cancer patients and/or their families.

This event was dedicated to raising greater public awareness about cancer prevention and treatment options available in the U.S. and abroad. Although this event will no longer be held, the Project will continue with its overall mission of helping cancer patients in various ways, including the sponsorship and hosting of educational/inspirational seminars given by healthcare professionals and cancer survivors.

I look forward to seeing you at other future events! Stay happy & healthy!

Mario Santos, Director & Founder

Angel Lucy Wellness Project